THOUSANDS of CD, VCD, and DVD discs are secured from two suspects at different places and times.

The first arrest was made at a house on Jalan G Obos Palangka Raya, Saturday (16/8) then. From that place, Danu Kusworo (50) who was also recapitled with the same case four years ago. From the raid that began around 11:00 pm found approximately 8 thousand pieces of pirated discs, which were seized by officers.

Do not stop there, the police do the development obtained from the first suspect. As a result, Ahmad Ansyari (37) was arrested at his home on Jalan Cempaka Palangka Raya. Around 10,000 pieces were seized from suspects’ hands as distributors for pirated disk vendors in Central Kalimantan, particularly Palangkaraya.

Meanwhile, Special Crime Investigation Director Yayat Ruhiyat through Kasubdit AKBP Trade and Investment Industry Aries Andhi justify, this arrest in order to enforce Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI). It got information from the public, there is a storage area of ​​pirated optical discs that have been troubling.

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Not wanting to lose the target, the investigator goes directly to the storage location. Upon arriving at the informed location, police found thousands of pieces consisting of pirated DVDs and thousands of DVDs from songs to newly unpublished pirated movies.

“From this catch, we are targeting the perpetrators only distributor and not catch the seller retailers,” he said.

He continued, he said, the goods were allegedly obtained from Glodog Market Jakarta through PT Adam Jaya Sakti expedition. Thousands of CD pieces are imported each month. The advantage is very tempting at casino en ligne. From Jakarta each kepingnya for Rp 3,500, and sold the party of Rp 4,000. If sold directly to consumers the price can reach Rp 10 thousand to Rp 15ribu.

“Yes, this time it’s just a profit. If he a month can 3 to 4 times bring the goods, “he explained while showing the note of delivery of goods on behalf of AH with the recipient on behalf of Artex.

Both suspects themselves have committed copyright infringement. Where it is not allowed to intentionally broadcast, exhibit, circulate or sell to the public a creation or other copyright infringement.

“Both suspects have violated Law number 19 of 2002 on Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI) with the threat of 5 years in prison,” he said.

One of the suspects Ahmad Ansyari when questioned claimed to have been around 2 years doing the job. According to him, once a week, a thousand pieces of CDs, VCDs and DVDs of various types of songs and the latest movies sent through his colleagues in Jakarta. Profit of Rp 500 per piece obtained.

“From Jakarta the price of Rp 3,500, I sell Rp 4 thousand if sold on a party basis. There are about 15 customers who take the goods through me, “he said while admitting that he also sells directly to consumers.

However, suppliers have been arrested, apparently in various corners of Palangkaraya City are still widely sold free pirated discs. (ram / abe)