Hygiene competitions

FURNITURE SDN 2 Mentawa Baru Hulu Kambang SPd. Kambang said his school has often become a champion in following hygiene competitions both provincial and district level. The school also has a UKS space. One of the obstacles is the narrow school grounds.

Facilitator from the Public Works Department Kotim Yusriani ST admitted to lacking the LPS 2014 activity. Nevertheless, he greatly appreciated the activity. “Our area is a lot of schools that the environment is good. In the future will hold this race at the district level, for maximum results, “he said.

Then the facilitator from SDN 1 Kasongan Baru, Arbani MPd. Arbani acknowledged, initially the children are still difficult to put the garbage in place, but with the activities of this LPS has begun to decrease. “Piles of garbage after Lebaran a lot, but not school waste. Our school has no place of worship. School students 580 people, teachers 20 people, toilet school totaling four, three for students and one for teachers. Our school grounds are also narrow, “he said.

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Meanwhile, Yerri Novita ST MT, a facilitator from Katingan Public Works Office, said that his side has budgeted funds for LPS competition, including implementing at the district level. “Thank you for joining this activity. So that we can learn the pattern of this activity in the future will be held in the race that we will carry out in the district. In the implementation, we synergize with other SKPD (BLH Katingan District). Among them, prepare and amounting to Rp 10 million for schools that win, “he said.
Facilitator from SDN-3 Kuala Kurun Murnie SPd next turn. He admitted his school had not made SK Pocils, even though it had been formed. He admitted that students at his school have started to learn to sort out garbage, although during the rainy season, the school is inundated with water.

While the facilitator from the Office of Public Works Gunung Mas Nuning, ST said it was working on TPS 3R to BLH district. He also said he would find a way out to address the shortage of school toilets.

The next turn is the facilitator of SDN-2 Tamiang Layang. Facilitator of SDN-2 Tamiang Layang Salasiah, S.Pd. He expressed his gratitude to be included in this activity. He also said SK Pocils had been made. Salasiah also mentioned, in his school there is a troop of fast picking garbage, every class there are eight children. “The kids have done the garbage sorting well at the casino en ligne. All school residents work well together in carrying out these LPS activities. There is a waste landfill, and the school environment is in the process of planting, “he said.

Meanwhile, Hadi Santoso ST, a facilitator from East Barito Public Works Office, said that he has been trying to provide assistance to SDN-2 Tamiang Layang. It also has an increase in the entrance, which is currently auction process. Furthermore, it will work on composting and rehabilitation of TPS.

Ending the meeting, Irbar P Senobua said that the Ministry of Public Works will deploy a questionnaire to find out the sustainability of this activity. Then for the next activity, only for schools that have not followed LPS 2014. “Related SKPD expected to foster schools in the area. What can be added in the school, not necessarily physical, but non-physical is also necessary, “he hoped.

He also stressed the importance of teaching children to do the right sort of garbage. “What we want to achieve is the reduction of waste production. Suppose the student brings a glass of drinking water from the house, so it does not add garbage in his school. LPS program learns basic about sanitation, support Adiwiyata program. So it’s better to do than nothing, “Irbar said tightly. (yon)