The match at Tuah Pahoe Stadium

PALANGKA RAYA, SECOND KALTENG – All the men of Central Kalimantan have been present on Thursday (7/8), and have done regular exercise, to undergo the match at Tuah Pahoe Stadium Pusamania Borneo FC, Monday (11/8). Coach Edy Paryono (EP) provided training materials in the form of physical repayment after one month’s Eid holiday. “Because the time is getting closer, the exercises are done in the morning and afternoon,” said EP, Thursday (7/8).

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Until Thursday (7/8), EP said all penggawa Kalteng Son is present, except Iwan HW who have not joined because of injury shift elbow bone still not healed. Slow number of players join due to transportation problems. According to EP players who return to their hometown like Bali, Sumatra, it is difficult to come quickly because of difficulties in obtaining transportation, almost everyday tickets sold out.

The pattern of exercise given after the long holiday, not heavy, just restore the physical condition of players. The EP does not want to give you a hard workout, considering the closer time it can harm the player and get injured. Surely it is very detrimental to the player and also the team.

Previously, from 4 to 6 August all penggawa Kalteng Putra not all come, but coach EP has held the exercise. Until Wednesday (6/8) afternoon, players who follow the new training 13 people. A number of core players such as Bayu Pradana, Antonio Teles, Bayu Nurhidayat, Ahcmad Faris, still not seen.

Met at Tuah Pahoe Stadium, the coach, commonly called “Pak de”, said that although not all of them are complete but the training has started to be held with existing players. Training materials provided in the form of physical return, post long holiday. Exercises stay the way, players who come later will still practice, but the material is different and the practice itself. If you are really a soccer lover, we will invite you to try your luck through le casino en ligne.

The msih player can not join, some are still in his hometown. Although late to join, the EP insists there is no sanction to the player. Because it is not the player’s fault, but due to transportation constraints, the airline tickets are sold out almost daily.