Garbage problem

PALANGKA RAYA, KALTENG DETIK – Until now, one of the problems that always occur in the city of Palangkaraya is a garbage problem. And it also became the attention of som

e circles in the Parliament of Central Kalimantan, which assessed the handling of waste in the City of Palangka Raya Beauty is the need for synergy and supervision of all parties.

Three Members of Parliament of Central Kalimantan, H MH Rizal, Kamsyiah A Mamat and H Kamarudin Hadi provide input on how waste management in this city in the future. Rizal rate, one of the obstacles that have been happening is supervision. Where the government has made rules about the waste, only its supervision in the field has never been implemented.

Therefore, one of the next steps that can be taken by the local government is how to monitor the regulations that have been issued. “The lack of this oversight we have seen so far has been a long-standing law, but its supervision is lacking,” Rizal told reporters recently.

Then another step he said, is to learn from developed countries how to manage the good waste that is positive for casino en ligne. Suppose the existing garbage from the household level has been done separation so that it also gives participation to the whole community to jointly guard the City.
He saw several points of temporary dumping (TPS) in Palangkaraya, such as on the road of Bali almost every day the road is piled with garbage from shops in the area where the garbage mixed, from food waste to building materials.“The very crucial issue of organic and non-organic waste separation. If managed well can be a positive thing like in developed countries, if we want to buy my tool we do not hurt a year of budget to buy it so that our waste management can be implemented with maximum, “explained Member of Commission D DPRD this Central Kalimantan.

While Kamsyiah conveyed, in overcoming the current waste need care from the government how to provide socialization to the community. During this time he sees for the level of TPS only garbage is haphazard, it is one of the lack of socialization from the Government.

“We’ll see some polling stations in Palangkaraya, whereas the garbage problem in this city needs the care of the government,” said Vice Chairman of Commission A.

While H Kamarudin Hadi rate, in dealing with waste the necessity of synergy all elements, both from the city government, province and society. “I think that synergy is important, so that all parties have a stake in maintaining the cleanliness of this city,” said Kamarudin.